Photos by Joseph Mills.

Photos by Joseph Mills.

Artist Statement


My name is Jack Eure. I am an Austin, Texas-based architect born in 1971 who has been making contemporary art privately for years. I have recently begun to show my work publically. For a decade, I have been working on a series of minimalist canvasses that I call “planchettes.”

Planchette. Noun. A small, heart-shaped board supported by two casters and a pencil or stylus that, when moved across a surface by the light, unguided pressure of the fingertips, is supposed to trace meaningful patterns or written messages revealing subconscious thoughts, psychic phenomena, clairvoyant messages, etc. Origin French 1855-60. (dictionary.reference.com)

The word planchette in my work references both the Ouija board game, and my creative process, which builds on the Automatic Painting tradition in modern art. Rather than set out with a predetermined image in mind, I allow my drawing hand to lead. I take guidance from what Carl Jung called the unconscious to unearth what appear to me atavistic totems or armaments in an existiential or spiritual battle that illuminate the border between the present and a much deeper past.

Working in chalk, pencil and acrylic paint on canvas, I graft textured temporal, cultural and environmental perspectives onto a contemporary minimalist program that is my default design esthetic as an architect, and that often annoys me with its vacancy. Emptiness can be either full or vacant, and with my artwork I strive to enrich minimalist emptiness with poetic imagination. My art straddles abstraction and figural representation with whisper-light marks on white canvas. When I stand back and study the results, I see geological, botanical, zoological and anthropological motifs that, for me, illuminate the border between the self-enclosed bubble of modernity and a dwarfing sense of deeper strata of place and time.


Austin, Texas